Vol. 16 (2023): XVI International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism Socialist Realism in Literature and Art
Plenary Session

Soviet Reality, „General Line“ and „Artistic“ Forgery in Georgian Cinema of the 30s

Lela Ochiauri
Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University

Published 2023-12-11


  • Socialist realism,
  • Stalin,
  • ideologe,
  • propaganda,
  • censorship


At the turn of the 1920s and 1930s, the framed and ideologised Georgian art was violated like flying comets by the flashes of individuals and small "artistic associations" and the brilliance of their created works of art. Since 1932, the authorities of the SU, laid the foundation for a new and comprehensive ideology, "method of description" and legalized it as a universal mandatory "rule" – Socialist Realism. "Social order", didacticism, straight-line propaganda, as well as limitation of themes, artificiality of conflicts and characters, over-simplification, fakeness and lies became the main issue. All the doors of free thinking, personal will, creative expression were closed.