Vol. 16 (2023): XVI International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism Socialist Realism in Literature and Art
Politics and Poetics of Socialist Realism

The Political Coloring of Artistic Details in Christa Wolf's Novel Divided Heaven (Some Aspects of Structural-Semantic Analysis)

Nino Kvirikadze
Akaki Tsereteli State University

Published 2023-12-11


  • Socialist realism,
  • details,
  • structural-semantic method


Christa Wolf's novel Divided Sky provides a broad outline of the processes that took place in the life of the former German Democratic Republic in the 1960. It became one of the most important works of socialist realism in the literature of East Germany. It deals with the challenges facing the postwar divided Germany. For the right comprehension of the artistic world of Christa Wolf's Divided Sky it is necessary to identify the functions of marginal details. Structural-semantic method allows us to throw a new light on the issues discussed in the paper.