Vol. 16 (2023): XVI International Symposium Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism Socialist Realism in Literature and Art
Folklore of the Era of Socialist Realism

Soviet Folklore and Social Realism

Eka Chkheidze
Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature

Published 2023-12-11


  • Social realism,
  • soviet folklore,
  • Lenin,
  • Stalin


In 1934, the first All-Union Congress of Writers of the Soviet Union was held in Moscow, the congress declared socialist realism as the only artistic and literary creative method of Soviet literature and completely subordinated art to ideology.

The development of Soviet folklore was also based on social realism. Socialist reality was the basis of the repertoire of public speakers. Folk poetry became "national in form, socialist in content" (Stalin).

Soviet folklore was actively involved in public life. On the one hand, it reflected the new existential reality, on the other hand, it paved the way for new forms of life. "Folk creativity is an agitation and propaganda form of life."